Goodbye Garage

Bye bye….rather horrible old garage in the middle of our back garden that we have been wondering what to do with for 8 years – yes, 8 years – we are very indecisive. We have, in the meantime, built another garage at the front of our house and our dilemma has been – Do we knock it down? Do we line and insulate it and use it as it is?? Well, in for a penny, in for a pound: we have committed to knocking it down and replacing it with a beautiful timber garden building, using the existing foundation and concrete slab as a base…we have building warrant in place and have even booked a builder, actually, he started on Monday.

This is what he’s done!

Ooh…errr…drastic…all worried now!! Two days into the job Doug and I’s chronic indecisiveness reared it’s ugly head again. I am having sleepless nights wondering if we are doing the right thing…Should we be doing an extension rather? Or placing it elsewhere in the garden? I actually said to our lovely builder: ‘Robert, would it be a real pain to you if we just left it for a while, while we thought about it a bit longer?’ He smiled very nicely, and said ‘Yes Alison, it would be a bit of a pain…’ Oh dear…a little bit of professional counselling from my friend Fran and even Doug himself, and, I think I am able to carry on…


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