Gullane Apple Festival

A quick post – just to show off our wonderful village…long overdue, I suddenly realise with all my talk of London and Hungarian Concrete Designers…

Every year we have an Apple Festival – a community project, set up by a Gold Star Lady – Adria and aided, literally, by an army of helpers. Children have the opportunity to pick apples from anyone’s garden that is happy about it and the apples are collected in the village hall. A lot are used for baking and the remainder are pressed for juice.

Everyone gathers to help, chopping, pressing, enjoy the amazing baking – apple scones, apple cheesecake, strudel, pizza…delicious

Leftover baking is swiftly delivered to the tennis club where the ‘End of Season Tournament Cocktail Tournament’ starts at 4.30pm…

Anyone who has had enough of apple pressing, eating delicious home made cakes, playing tennis, drinking cocktails, playing on championship golf courses and general partying can always go off for a walk along Gullane Beach…

…it’s a hard life!

Living in our village provides me with so much inspiration. I would not write this blog if I did not live here, it would be very different…Gullane is both a sanctuary and a hot-bed of total over-indulgence!

I mentioned in my last mailing that I have been doing this blog for a year now and I am planning to mark this in various ways…I am going to look at marriage tips, because it is about my family life as well as about design and, I have also enrolled on an E-Course called Blogging Your Way by Holly Becker, author, stylist and founder of my absolute, absolute favourite Design Blog Decor8

I will let you know how I get on…right now I am thinking kill or cure!


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  1. Hi Alison, I love the vision of such a small village where the locals do great things together! Ans the view across that bay is absolutely gorgerous! Think my husband and I are going to plan a trip to Scotland next year 🙂 So beautiful.

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