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There are no published recipes for ‘happy homes’….is your dream home one where everything is new and immaculate…a minimalist empty shell even…something akin to the Konishi Gaffney and Adam Toleman homes below? Or a shabby chic nest, stuffed with bric a brac ‘found’ in markets in France, complete with faded, peeling flock wallpaper and threadbare Persian rugs….?

It really could not be more personal, more ‘up to you’!!

If you are one of the ‘everything new gang’ how would your home seem if it had nothing new in it? If all the furnishings were inherited or acquired or bought in junk shops?

If you are a shabby chic type, how would you feel if forced to move into a Grand Design style, minimalist, masterpiece?

Either might be quite refreshing actually….

I would say, though, whichever you feel you are, beware of being over-co-ordinated and self-conscious.

If your home is very new and in control, try not to let it become too ‘matchy-matchy’…pay a visit to somewhere like The Home Barn Shop

I so want to live near here..really annoyingly…they are in Buckinghamshire…But they do sell online! My idea of heaven.

If your home is never-endingly retro, vintage…full of second hand tea towels…do consider a trip to John Lewis…it’s really good honestly!

Of course, just clean and tidy would probably do a lot of people: shabby what?? minimalism??


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