LBA Studios

Every now and then we come across a design studio so inspirational it can completely alter your perspective on what is possible with a domestic building. This was why I was so keen to meet the director of Edinburgh architectural practice Studio LBA because I had been admiring some projects they had undertaken, for a while.

On first meeting, the MD, Lynsay Bell, is immediately impressive, she is someone who really does her research on any project she begins. Having said that, once she decides something she does not hang about and the growth of her young team in the elegant West End townhouse that serves as their office is proof of that. Doug and I have loved getting to know her and several of her staff members and were delighted to have the opportunity to photograph her nearby home.

As you would expect, every detail is beautifully thought through and effortlessly chic, but with no sacrifices made regarding comfort and cosiness. The contemporary, upright gas fire from Bonk & Co is glazed and the cream metal grill is a stunning finishing touch.The choice local interiors shops to be found in Edinburgh are such a great bonus. ‘I love to drop by PAD Lifestyle, Catalog Interiors or Life Story for some fresh inspiration’ Lynsay says.‘I do need to keep up with trends for our architectural practice and the Edinburgh design community is just so friendly and supportive.’

Lynsay also loves fitness, she has confessed to a gym addiction, and her two dogs, both Cocker Spaniels also keep her on her toes. Her interest in cooking and her general zest for life is unmistakably reflected in her home.

When they moved in, Lynsay and her husband removed a 1930s brick fireplace before installing the kitchen and revealed the original stone wall. ‘We scrubbed and remortared it, sealing it with a clear stone sealant and added the hidden LED light’ Lynsay explains.

The white handle-less worktops were chosen carefully to ensure that the kitchen disappears…

The bathroom has a traditional feel but Lynsay has discreetly included every modern convenience!

A regular at the nearby Arusha Gallery, Lynsay collects contemporary art and photography quite seriously. Being so passionate about her work, it can be hard to switch off, but surrounding herself with beautiful art and family momentoes, starting the day at the local gym and ending with a dog walk through beautiful local gardens she finds is the perfect balance.


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