Liebster Blog Award

Thrilled to have been nominated by three fellow bloggers for the Liebster Blog award!

Jasmin from The Cosy White Cottage, Heather from My Ocean Bliss and Trinske from Nordic Rose all nominated me, thank you!

As a nominee, you are asked to post 11 random facts about yourself, so, here goes:

11 things you might not know about me yet,

I love tennis

I get bad migraines
I do not watch a lot, but, I love quality TV – I cannot miss Homeland or The Apprentice, and I love Mad Men, 24, Damages…yes, you guessed it – I do buy DVD Boxed Sets!
I have a Hot tub (feel a bit embarrassed by this – Doug’s idea, not mine, but surprisingly pleasant)

I am very family orientated, most of our immediate and wider family all live within an hour of each other and I love that.
I live in a small village beside the sea in Scotland, but I was bought up in Central London, Paddington to be precise.
Although I do not ‘believe’ in star signs, I am a completely typical Cancerian! Weird…
I am half Hungarian and yes, I can speak it a bit…not perfectly, but a bit
I started my blog with the intention of turning it into a book…still working on that!
We are literally just about to start building a beautiful larch clad office in our garden…cannot wait…(this is just a pic that we are basing our design on by the way, a bit like one of those lovely hotels in Spain – it is not actually built yet!)

I love the idea of House Swapping, need to finish our house first, but when we do…watch this space.


4 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Hi Alison, so fun to get to know you better. Love the hot tub idea ( no need to be embarrassed as very one of us want a hot tub for sure) and the beautiful soon to be garden office is such a great space for working.
    I share you passion for DVD boxes, I own Damages, too. Just fell in love with Downton Abby and there are many more ;o).
    Have a lovely week and I’m excited to see your next post with the questions for your nominees.

  2. Hi Alison, what a lovely post! I think it’s a great idea to split the whole Liebster Award thing up and I love it that you’ve gone into a bit more depth about the random things about yourself. Really nice to get to know you and I agree with Jasmin, hot tub is only to be envied….! Love the design of your garden office too. Pictures to speak so many words. Good luck with the other posts. I certainly will look forward to reading them. Best wishes, Trinske x

  3. Love reading your 11random things about you. Mad Men, hot tubs and a garden office….. total bliss
    can’t wait to see who you nominate and what questions you have for them!
    regards Heather xx

  4. Ohh I get migraines too. Don’t they suck? I’m on medication for them now and I haven’t had one in about 2 years. I’m so thankful for those little tabs (although I hate the thought of taking something medical). Love your living room space, Alison. Gorgeous! That mantel piece is sooooo lovely. And your hot tub… very cool!


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