Life’s a Beach

Summer is here and there is a pull to the sea, isn’t there? Having lived beside a beach for the last 15 years, I do worry that I can’t live anywhere else. We have so many adventures – on a hot day, who doesn’t want a paddle? In a storm, there is nowhere more dramatic. I love Gullane beach winter and summer.There is a camaraderie between beach lovers as well, whether you are talking coastal walks, picnics or sunbathing, there is an understanding that these activities are great with a friend, but actually sometimes a way of seeking solitude. Laura Tulloch, a friend I have made through our joint love of all things interiors has actually launched a range of fabrics called Skimming Stones The collections encapsulate the colours and patterns she has observed over the course of being a life-long aficionado of waterside living.She has named her collection Skimming Stones, a reference to the feeling of not being able to walk past a stone without examining it and wondering whether it would make a good skimmer! Shape, texture and colour are all crucial considerations to the dedicated stone collector.Planning to write this piece I recalled an art work my husband produced for a local Art Festival, called Artwalk Porty, an installation piece, where he brought some ideal Skimming Stones and placed them on Portobello Beach for passers by to use.Mad I know, but amazing how we come full circle with friends!Of course nature lovers can live anywhere and Skimming Stones is the perfect way to inject a little bit of Laura’s native Scottish landscape into any home, whether you live in London, Glasgow, New York or Cornwall, a hint of a pebbly pattern in a soft blue or grey will always be a welcome addition.

Her Coastal collection is inspired by a holiday to Cornwall and the Riverside range is inspired by British river side gardens. So much to love about these fabrics, printed onto soft cotton and linen…

Get in touch with Skimming Stones for samples if you are doing a room refresh…

We would love to see the results.

The beautiful images of Skimming Stones fabrics were styled by Gillian Alexander and taken by Keilidh Ewan


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