Luxury Bedroom Trends 2020

I am delighted to have been asked to work with Juliette’s Interiors again.

A company based on the Kings Road in London who are at the forefront of today’ design trends. They have asked me to create a mood board for my dream luxury bedroom, based on my favourite 2020 interiors trend, using one of their beds as my centrepiece, styled with other pieces of furniture and lighting.

My favourite interior trend of 2020

My chosen trend is ‘Mixing metals’. I enjoyed seeing copper and brass emerge and take over from chrome as the hipster’s ‘must have’ material for all home accessories, but I think in 2020 we are all coming of age and realising that true elegance comes from mixing not matching. I mix silver and gold jewellery on my person, in fact my wedding band is a mix of yellow and white gold and this is something I want to do in my home.

I have chosen this gorgeous Italian designer brushed brass contemporary bed An edgy contemporary structure with an industrial tone. A twist, literally, with its slightly askance frame, on what we know of as a classic iron bed. Simply stunning. This exquisite bed is also available also available in an array of frame finishes such as copper, nickel and pale gold. Bespoke sizes upon request.

I could eat that bed!

I would style it with this gorgeous ‘Arboretum’ bedding by Ted Baker…A faux snow leopard fur throw from Juliette’s Interiors would add a further touch of luxury and the matching faux fur cushions would ensure complete comfort sitting up against the elegant, but definitely metal frame!These dainty side tables in brass and marble are a slightly impractical addition I know, but all I want beside my bed are a book, a cup of tea and my glasses. As a believer in the principles of Feng Shui, I do not want my bed doubling up as storage and piles of crap shoved into the cupboard of a copious beside cabinet – no thanks – I want to sleep easy.I would use these beautiful hand crafted, marquetry walnut wall lights from Juliette’s Interiors as bedside lights.Storage for all my other needs can be found in my adjoining dressing room.As a finishing touch I would add this gorgeous shell-like velvet chair, from Juliette’s, to fling my dressing gown onto as I slip into bed – nothing else will be allowed near it I assure you – it is not for storing a weeks worth of washing and ironing and last but not least, a gorgeous sheepskin rug from Skyeskyns to step on to first thing in the morning – this is Scotland remember!I would paint the room ‘Pink Ground’ by Farrow & Ball and do an accent wall behind the bed in this pale gold wallpaper by Juliette’s Interiors.And finally a gorgeous contemporary ornamental mirror from Juliette’s –Part of a truly fabulous collection, also available here at Juliette’s Interiors. Made to a world class standard. Luxury mattress sold separately by Hypnos available with free delivery if ordered with your bed. As these items are made to order and fully handcrafted lead times can vary.



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