Memories of Justin and Colin

Doug actually started his career working with ‘Interiors Gods’, Justin and Colin, as their personal photographer, covering interiors stories every week for the Glasgow Herald and for glossy magazine. Exhausting but never a dull moment, the boyz took the whole process to an extreme – thinking nothing of painting someone’s wall in the middle of a shoot – a completely different colour – re-arranging the furniture completely was just for starters! Both are very keen on singing and would often regale the homeowner with their very upbeat renditions of Abba or the Pet Shop Boys classics, meanwhile Doug would be doing his best to concentrate on actually taking some photos. Tensions inevitably did arise, but I remember well being quite impressed with their ability to go to the ends of the earth to solve any problems…it is not a surprise that they have gone so far.

In their living room in Glasgow

Doug did the shoot below for an advertising campaign for Crown paints

I am not sure exactly which ones Crown used in the end, the above are un-processed and just a small selection….but a lot of fun was had!

Dividing their lives between Glasgow and Toronto now, we really miss them!

For the very latest news on Justin and Colin, see their website

With many thanks to Crown Paints


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  1. Whenever I see Justin and Collin on ‘Celebrityy Masterchef’ or ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, I feel as if I know them. Now I realise this sense of cosy familiarity comes from first hearing about the decorating duo through Alison and Douglas. Paticularly loved the stories of how their Junk Shop Finds recived a magical new lease of life in their hands.

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