Modern Garden Rooms

You may or may not know, we are currently house hunting.

I have a wish-list, apart from the obvious requirements of a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, that I have been carefully reflecting on, ever since we sold our family home last summer –

1. It needs to be near the sea.

West Beach, North Berwick

We have lived beside a beach for the last 16 years and I have seriously considered moving inland because you can get a lot more house for your money, but I think I am going to resist and stay by the sea. My daily beach walk is a habit I do not want to break.

2. I want a painting studio. If we end up buying a smaller house and there is not enough room I can solve this problem with a garden room. Modern Garden Rooms do a brilliant selection for all sorts of purposes.

This would be ideal for me, a 3×4 metre room, with a canopy –

The cost for something similar to the room depicted above, would be approximately £15,000. This would include uPVC windows and doors, laminate flooring, four double electric sockets, lighting, a small electric heater, foundations, installation and VAT.

Marvellous is all I can say!

3. I do not need a huge garden, but I do need a quiet, sunny spot where I can sit outside and read.

4. We have realised that we need very good heating and plumbing. Our last home was beautiful but we never fully tackled this important element and our rental home is also beautiful, but only has central heating downstairs.

I would include a wood burning stove in my heating requirements.

5. I would like my home to be welcoming, so even if it is quite small, I would like it to be in a beautiful place where friends and family will enjoy visiting, or have plenty of space, if we are lucky, to make our guests feel really comfortable.

I hope that is not too much to ask??


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