Northern Light

Douglas and Carol Forrest run Acanthus Architects a successful practice in the far north of Scotland near Aberdeen. Successful, due their adventurous, yet also, extremely rigorous approach to their work, Douglas has photographed a few of their projects for various magazines. Here are some images of their very sensitive conversion of a derelict farmbuilding into their own home.


4 thoughts on “Northern Light

  1. Hi Alison,
    thank you so much for your messages.
    Glad to have discoverd your blog.
    This place is beautiful. Love the huge windows.
    Hege (byw)

  2. Hi Alison. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’d marked yours as one I liked when I went through the student blogroll! I was up in Edinburgh last week, really liked it and hope to discover more of Scotland next year! Anna, BYW x

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