Our own house

Not really a ‘favourite’, but I suppose I should show you, bits of it at least!

Our kitchen….designed by me…unfortunately forgot to include a few millimetres when ordering the worktop…about a 100 in fact…..that worktop is now a desk in Doug’s office – useful! Whole thing beautifully fitted in the end by our friend Gary Hitchen…owner of West Neuk Holiday Apartment find on Facebook or at

Our upstairs bathroom…also designed by me….also forgot a couple of details…like taking the trouble to measure the basin and wc that I chose…very bulky when they arrived for our rather tight, coved ceilinged bathroom. Tears flowed when I realised that because I had bought them as a suite, I could not return them…..my kind friend, Trish Coull, bought them in the end and Doug found a much neater wc and actually managed to fit two small basins in when he took over…

Despite my conviction of the utmost importance of wives, in all matters important, I am ashamed to admit that in my own house, it is actually Doug who is in charge, at least of anything successful or tasteful.

Our downstairs bathroom was done by him – no problems….of course….yes very clever!

He has this theory that anything I do; he has to ‘Do It Again’…..DIA, as opposed to the more traditional DIY…..

So I do just leave him to it and it does work.

He has done things like, one year, between Christmas and Hogmanay, produced this beautiful glass topped driftwood table.

He and the kids dragged the driftwood up from Aberlady bay….let it dry out and then produced this. The pieces are all invisibly doweled together….

This was after a particularly low performing December on Doug’s part, I have to say….barely a day went past when he was not either hung-over, or suffering from an extremely nasty cold, neither of which are a good look in An Interiors Photographers Wife’s World…. he was quite lucky that his little ‘DIA’ joke did not turn into an unfortunate ‘DOA’ situation. Instead we all tucked into a delicious New Years Eve dinner around our incredibly sophisticated coffee table!!

At some point you should probably meet our children, Matthew and Eva….


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