Robyn Park Interiors Wardrobes

This lady caught my eye on Instagram Robyn Park Interiors I have a ‘thing’ about panelling and we all need wardrobes – why not panel them!!

I caught up with Robyn by email and asked her about this beautiful project and a little about her practice.

She moved into her home in Aberdeen only a year ago and one of her son’s bedrooms had wardrobes fitted already.

She knew they were practical and worth keeping but was determined to update them. ‘Let’s face it – it’s a monstrosity of a wardrobe’ Robyn laughs ‘it really is huge… 6 large doors & 6 drawers!

She wanted to create something really different. ‘I think the obvious idea with such a huge fixture like these wardrobes is to go minimalist: don’t draw attention to it and we can pretend it isn’t there, but it is!’

So she figured, rather than trying to hide something that clearly dominates the room, why not transform it into a striking feature wall? The design consists of MDF sheet door & drawer fronts, with MDF batons attached to the front.

She designed the batons to be approximately 40mm apart, so that the baton with and gap width were equal. ‘We wanted to make as few baton cuts as possible, to make the wall look as seamless as possible, so the only horizontal cuts we made were at the top of the drawers and at the bottom of the large doors’ Robyn shares.

I had always planned on painting this in a dark colour, but it would equally look great using a light wood for a scandi look. Before painting it was time to fill in the nail holes & seal the edges. I used an MDF sealer to seal all the cut edges, as they are super fluffy and just absorb any liquid products into the fibres.

Once sealed, it was then on to the herculean task of painting. ‘It took 5 hours’ she says ‘there were no shortcuts!’ She chose a lovely deep grey, by the Nordic paint manufacturer, Tikkurilla. The colour is Basalt N499. ‘It adapts really well to the light’ Robyn says, ‘it has a slightly sage-y tone in bright daylight and then turns a lovely moody darker tone towards the end of the day.’

Robyn loves using panelling in her design work and is finding that it is expanding in popularity, ‘I wanted to add to the variations of ways that people enjoy this style element… whether it be in the most traditional sense of rectangular/square shapes with dado rails, to delicate minimalist motifs to chunky geometric designs. It is fun to innovate.’

Her services include full room designs on site or remotely, property staging for selling and landlords and design advice. She would be delighted if you got in touch!


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