Seasons Greetings

‘It’s Christmas!’ I mean ‘it’s July’, but it is now that editors start panicking about their all important December issues….which means that we are on first name terms with our local Christmas tree farmer – Willie Robertson at Beanston.

There is nowhere better in East Lothian to buy your tree and every year we buy three or four in the middle of summer! It is not ideal because the foliage is soft: the needles stiffen up in the cold of winter and soften in the warmth of summer.

We arrive at people’s houses, in the middle of July, with a floppy Christmas tree (artificial just will not do), lots of crackers and decorations and proceed to set the dining table for Christmas dinner, light the fire and ask them to wrap up in hats, gloves and wellies for portraits.

The poor children then have to open fake presents and ooh and ahh over them….I think they find it quite traumatic actually!

We are particularly keen on people who have lovely old cottages, with thick stone walls and huge fireplaces. This feature was actually shot in the owners holiday home, a sixteenth century tower house, which Eric and Naomi Strickland have heroically restored, on the outskirts of Kenmore, in Perthshire.

It sits high above Loch Tay, in it’s own forest…a magical setting…It is available for rent and could not be a more perfect, romantic getaway.

Find out more about the The White Tower at

Further accomodation is available in the area at a new development in Kenmore called Taymouth Marina for more information. Eric is a partner in the Architectural firm responsible for the development


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