Staying Sane in Lockdown Part II

Well, last week, in my post Staying Sane in Lockdown I sort of came clean about how far my standards had slipped from Sourdough-making Super Mum to Radio Rental Mum in less than a year. Weekly menu plans?? Errr sorry… Help yourself to crisps!

Me and my super-calm and collected daughter!

Although, amazingly, despite selling our family home, the pandemic, our business challenges, Xmas and New Year, and looking for a new home in a very volatile and uncertain market, I am staying just about sane, so I thought I would share how – just in case anyone else is struggling?

This is NOT me by the way!

I have tried meditating – thank you Deepak Chopra – I really enjoyed it, but realistically it is not my thing. My No1 method of staying sane, is listening to True Crime Podcasts and Missing Person mysteries. A passion I have discovered that I share with the lovely Sarah, owner of Netherbyres House.

Sarah and her husband, Mike, have bought and renovated a small stately home in the Borders, with the intention of setting up a boutique wedding wedding, which they have succeeded in doing, despite 2020 and all that. Please get in touch if you are an interiors fiend and planning a micro-wedding to defy Lockdown or a mega-wedding once this is all over, you will be very impressed, I assure you!

They have both had a lot of cleaning and decorating to do, while completing this ‘Forth Road Bridge-Scale’ task, and both listen to Podcasts to keep them entertained, so we were delighted to swap notes about our shared passion.

I am not sure why I find these podcasts so enjoyable? I just get so involved and get to know all the characters. I love the detail and the never ending nature of them. I find them a wonderful escape from the everyday and good company during the more gruelling tasks I need to get through – nothing that major, but cooking, dishwasher loading and unloading, cleaning and my morning exercises (yawn) are all much, much more enjoyable listening to a true crime podcast.

Here are some of my favourites – all recommended to me by Sarah – a few of them are Australian and I think I find the accent particularly soothing!

Teacher’s Pet

The Night Driver

The Lady Vanishes

Bear Brook

My No2 way of staying sane is to go for a walk every day – I never want to go, despite living on the most beautiful piece of coastline in the world, so try and hook up with a friend. If no one can manage, I can just listen to a True Crime Podcast!

My other sanity saver is my work: interiors have always been my calling, to the point of obsession and I am thrilled by the trending, new-found pleasure people are finding in their homes during lockdown. I loved running our challenge in my Facebook Group, Home Style Hub last week, where we did some armchair travelling, looking at interior design around the world.

Next week – my second course starts in Interior Styling starts: Creating A Perfect Home For You January 2021 #CAPHFY sign up here by 8pm Tuesday 26th January, well 7.30pm to be safe! We will start by looking at style, colour and the logistics of renovating. We then look at every room in the house, learning how to use lighting, colour, pattern and texture effectively. The focus is style though and injecting your personality into your home and making it work for you!


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