Staying sane in Lockdown

Looking through older posts here, here and here this should be called Surviving Lockdown Part IV. I seemed to be full of marvellous advice when this first happened with morning routines, shopping schedules and healthy menu plans…

I had a beautiful home to manage all this, at the time, a huge garden and my very helpful adult children.

My daughter would bring me cocktails and my son’s beautiful Danish girlfriends presence meant that we all had to be reasonably well behaved! After weeks of what I called ‘ciabatta’ I even managed to make a decent sourdough –

Well, we have sold our lovely home and we are renting an equally beautiful house, but it is not ours, there is no real heating in the kitchen and I do not have a powerful enough oven or suitable cooking pots to make sourdough. We are all a bit bored of that weekly menu by now, Tanja has gone back to Denmark and my morning routine of exercise and meditating seems to have been replaced by an evening routine of wine and cooking whatever we happen to have to hand.

Us, a bit worse for wear, midnight New Years Eve!

It can’t go on – I need to take myself in hand. Thank goodness for my work – why I am not bored of writing about interiors by now, I have no idea. My childhood obsession with my dolls house and interest in decorating just seems to have persisted indefinitely.

I am going to run a challenge this week to help us all cheer up. It will involve some virtual travel and we will learn about interior design and homeware from around the world. There will be prizes – a gorgeous bottle of Beatitude Bath Oil

a Room Report by me, and an Interior Design Toolkit

It starts with a live in my Facebook Group – Home Style Hub at 8pm tonight – please do join us!


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