Suzi’s Hall

Love, love, love helping peope style their homes. My eagerness to help led me to create the Interior Design Toolkit. I realised that people get a bit lost with their interiors because they don’t quite know what style they are. The toolkit helps you identify your style and make more confident decorating decisions.

I now offer a Room Report for people who want to go a bit further. Let me know your style and send me a pic of every side of your room and I will send you a Room Report with advice and suggestions.

I really hope it helps people. I have recently completed one for a friend who has dilemma: she installed a gorgeous, quite expensive floor from Mandarin Stone that worked well 20 years ago, but now realises it is just not quite right. I was able to talk through whether to keep it or whether to go to the expense and effort of lifting it.

I basically said the if you can afford to, do it, but by styling the room correctly, we both feel she can live with it.

Here are the before shots –

I was delighted that she reported back that she was so inspired that she has already started by clearing the clutter and started to minimise her colour palette…

If you feel a similar process would help you, please get in touch. I have just posted a small part of Suzi’s Room Report here, I do go into a lot more detail. Let me know if you would like to see a full version, to know what to expect. I will be showing the rest, with the results, when Suzi has finished the transformation!


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