The Chesterfield

Classic, reassuring, the sofa we all want…

Leather chesterfield

My earliest awareness of the Chesterfield was in a 1970’s sitcom called Father Dear Father… It was about a family of a single father of two teenage girls residing in Hampstead, the main character spent a lot of time on a battered leather Chesterfield with a sheepskin rug across the back of it, guzzling brandy… The sofa came to symbolise my idea of domestic bliss

Do you need a particular style of house to carry it of? I don’t think so, a quick look at Distinctive Chesterfields will remind you that this sofa is available in so many variations..

White leather chesterfield

White leather would be a great solution in a contemporary home

Navy fabric chesterfield

Fabric options come in every colour remember…

buttoned footstool

If you don’t want to go all the way a buttoned footstool gives you the same hint of classic luxury

Buttoned headboard

A similarly styled headboard or chaise longue can equally bring a hint of decadence to the bedroom…

Chaise longue

Whether your style is quirky and fun, cosy or formal, stately even, purchasing a Chesterfield will add character and individuality to your home.


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