A Spring Wreath

Spring has well and truly sprung now, a neighbour is baking Ukrainian garlic bread called Pampushky, in return for donations to the Red Cross, and I have just had a gorgeous walk in the sunshine to collect it.

Really settling in to our new home, having felt very disorientated for quite a while. I reckon it has taken me six months, I honestly think having a lovely family Christmas did the trick. I really feel part of this amazing community now.

We moved to our tiny village, thinking it seemed incredibly peaceful, but we were so wrong – Doug calls it ‘the village that never sleeps’ – when we are not fundraising for Ukraine, campaigning to buy our local pub, there are basket weaving, painting and aromatherapy workshops, film nights, music nights, table tennis, coffee mornings, vegetarian supper parties, you name it – we do it! There is not much in the way of sporting activities, truth be told, but anything involving eating, drinking and creativity is wildly popular.

My neighbour Jane’s gorgeous rag rug that she is completing with the help of the Horncliffe Hookers!

It was for this reason that I was delighted to receive a gift of a Spring Wreath Kit, from I Do Handmade, knowing I would get top marks from my beady eyed neighbours – there is no privacy in a village this size, everyone knows what everyone is up to!

The kit arrives with clear instructions on a video link, a rustic style wreath ring and a selection of beautiful dried grasses and flowers.

I had a wonderful time putting it together…

And then a very proud moment hanging it on my front door…

I Do Handmade offer a wonderful variety of kits, including macrame, crochet and embroidery. Everything you need is supplied and the projects are gorgeous, but very achievable. They would make a great gift for a creative friend, or yourself, if, like me you want to keep up with crafty neighbours – not that I am competitive or anything!!

Seriously, I honestly find art and crafts so absorbing and alongside fresh air and exercise, a brilliant stress buster. For me it is a way of bringing yourself into the present and adding beauty to your surroundings, has a to be a win-win…

Rather flatteringly, our cat, Beano, has moved in to the basket I made on the basket weaving workshop, with Biteabout Arts


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