The White House

Thought I would show you a closer look of another beautiful contender from the enjoyable BBC TV series, Scotlands Home of the Year, that Douglas was also extremely privileged to photograph. This is a view of the house that the TV programme did not have time to dwell on. The judges were too busy admiring the […]

Williamstone Farm

A home and business is a dream for many of us. Who would not want to find a property in a fabulous location with lots of characterful outbuildings that you could convert into gorgeous holiday accommodation?Throw in the upheaval of needing to thoroughly renovate said property as well and most of us would probably find […]

LBA Studios

Every now and then we come across a design studio so inspirational it can completely alter your perspective on what is possible with a domestic building. This was why I was so keen to meet the director of Edinburgh architectural practice Studio LBA because I had been admiring some projects they had undertaken, for a while. […]

A clear winner

Every so often I come across a house I would dearly like to live in. You would think this would happen all too often in my job, but actually I am a contented soul and very happy to come home, but I did think twice leaving this place. I honestly think it was the louvred […]

Mid Rock House

Continuing with my theme of travel, but back in Scotland now, I thought I would cover a summer destination in the gorgeous seaside village of Elie on the East Neuk of Fife. A truly stunning property and very much a ‘home from home’, suitable for an extended family or a large group of friends. It […]

Jet Set

What do you do if you want to build a house and you own an Airfield? Well, obviously, you build a house on an airfield… The subject of an episode of Grand Designs, this amazing home was built at Strathven Airfield, the owners were fearless in their objectives and have created, with the help of […]

The Edge

Here is a new home and some! I was saying in my last post that Artwork is such a wonderful finishing touch to a home. This house is a work of art though…it hardly needs art to finish it off… The Edge is a stunning home designed and built by its owners on the edge […]

Grand Design

Gorgeous feature in this months Grand Designs Magazine…had, had, had to share! It’s the renovation we all want to do – buy an ordinary house, in a pretty spot and transform it into something spectacular. You need vision to do something like this – imagination and a can-do attitude are essential. A budget that is […]

Light Fantastic

Another must have in a home is light, an element that is simply never going to go out of fashion… Underused in dreich and dreary Scotland, I am afraid, although we are slowly learning from our know-it-all Scandinavian neighbours! VELUX® windows, a Danish company, of course, are always a stunning addition to any home. Easily […]

Gaston Home

We shot this beautiful coastal home, in the hills overlooking the Firth of Clyde for Ideal Home magazine. The owners are both architects, Niamh and Shaun Gaston. Niamh is one of those people who actually DOES have enough hours in the day, unlike most of us…As well as bringing up 4 children, her and Shaun […]

Her Indoors – occasional ‘Interiors Agony Aunt’

Had the enquiry below from my cousin: Hi Alison, We are painting the outside of our house and I wonder if Her Indoors can give me some advice: Do you know where I would get contemporary satin finish chrome door furniture – ie knob, knocker and letter box? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated’. Crumbs, Gaby, am […]

Doug’s parents

Doug’s family also deserve a mention I suppose!! Margaret and & John – his parents – are serial renovators…..they will never get sick of their house – they can just change it! John won a travel scholarship to Denmark as a young, architecture student, Margaret went with him and the pair of them have never […]