6 Great Things About Moving

My last post covered all the agony of our move, or touched on it at least – I did not want to upset anyone with too much detail! This week, I thought I would focus on some of the good things about moving. At the end of the day I can nip down a path […]

Budapest studio

You may or may not know that I am half Hungarian and that Doug and I own a small studio apartment in Budapest. We bought it partly as an investment and partly to have a home there, which we really enjoy. We have owned it for 10 years now and it is a little run […]

Bathroom Trends

I had lots of lovely feedback and chat about my bathroom goals post – I was sharing my thoughts on my dream bathroom, where money was no object. I was talking about my ‘next house’ where magically the seller had installed a top of the range Philippe Starck bathroom.┬áIn this post I would like to […]

A Perfect Finish

Sometimes we come across a house and it just stays with us. We are left in awe by the sheer work and imagination of the owners. This house is on the coast of Fife – yes Fife! The owner spotted a run down 1970s chalet in poor repair, overlooking the sea and bought it. The […]

Going down…

Flooring is the basis of all interior design… you just have to get it right. Once it is down and you have furnished the place it is quite hard to change it, so you need to give it careful thought. If there is one surface you will not regret laying, it is solid wood. Available […]


It is definitely here – you can tell by my front door – the Virginia Creeper is bright, bright red. I slightly feel as if a lot of my posts have been a bit about me recently – definitely not by choice I assure you – my true obsession remains with houses – honestly! And […]

What wood you lay?

One of the biggest decisions in any renovation is the flooring. A considerable expense in a large area and the basis of the whole look and atmosphere of your home. Laying wood throughout gives you the perfect neutral starting point from which you can go in any direction, whether you want your home to be […]