A heart warming housing story

I was really thrilled to hear of an old primary school in Glasgow being transformed into gorgeous affordable homes for local people. The project was undertaken by Home Group Scotland, one of the country’s largest housing associations. In October 2004, the school said goodbye to pupils for the last time. Facing an estimated repair bill of […]

Building the dream

How often have you quietly wished that you could just pull down your lovely, but slightly crumbling home and just start all over again? You could build something that suits you exactly: utility room – check, zero heating bills – check; lots of floor to ceiling windows – check. I certainly have, many times…A downstairs […]

The Mysterious Art of Interior Design

Watching the latest episode of The Apprentice, which entailed designing a hotel room interior. I was a mix of bewildered, despairing and ultimately, lost in admiration, for the real life interior designers I work with, who are artists really. I regularly talk up the work of Jessica Buckley, whose eye for colour and verve with […]

Turner Prize 2015

The 2015 Turner Prize is being hosted at Tramway, Glasgow – it is the first time the exhibition has been held in Scotland – long overdue. Lovely to be invited to the opening. Doug and I were truly spoilt as we were able to stay at the gorgeous CitzenM Hotel, right beside the Art school, […]

Grand Design

Gorgeous feature in this months Grand Designs Magazine…had, had, had to share! It’s the renovation we all want to do – buy an ordinary house, in a pretty spot and transform it into something spectacular. You need vision to do something like this – imagination and a can-do attitude are essential. A budget that is […]

Ollie & Seb’s House

A colourful home is a decision and a commitment that we might not all want to make. We don’t all want to live with intense colours! Actually monochrome is highly fashionable at the moment and a very achievable route to creating a very stylish home. Well known blogger, Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb’s Haus, […]

Goodd Design

This is an inspired renovation of a traditional tenement in Glasgow’s West End. The owners converted one of the brighter front rooms into the kitchen, a bold statement as usually the kitchen is at the back of these Victorian buildings, but in this instance, it was obviously the right thing to do: to live in […]

Memories of Justin and Colin

Doug actually started his career working with ‘Interiors Gods’, Justin and Colin, as their personal photographer, covering interiors stories every week for the Glasgow Herald and for glossy magazine. Exhausting but never a dull moment, the boyz took the whole process to an extreme – thinking nothing of painting someone’s wall in the middle of […]