Is Gardening a Good Hobby for Secret Shopaholics?

Controversial question, I know. Most of my gardening friends are seemingly gentle souls and claim to be quite at odds with the whole consumerist/treadmill thing: avoiding fashion shops at all costs; expensive holidays? “No thanks I would rather garden” they say. Find them at the front of the queue at any local jumble sale. ‘The […]

Mark Brunjes

After that sneak preview of Doug’s heroic, but admittedly, still incomplete efforts, I think Her Indoors readers deserve a look at the home of a garden design professional…. Mark Brunjes lives in this beautiful apartment in Glasgow’s West end, with his family, from where he runs his interiors and landscape design business Beyond Four Walls […]

Her Outdoors! an occasional series

I do love gardening…I really do, unfortunately though, my favourite gardening activity is buying lovely gardening books and poring over them…with a coffee…. This does annoy Doug somewhat….he has no interest in gardening whatsoever….none. He doesn’t ‘love it’…but strangely, does actually do a lot more gardening than I do….I think he maybe has a lot […]