Building the dream

How often have you quietly wished that you could just pull down your lovely, but slightly crumbling home and just start all over again? You could build something that suits you exactly: utility room – check, zero heating bills – check; lots of floor to ceiling windows – check. I certainly have, many times…A downstairs […]

A chill in the air…

To continue with my self build/ renovation theme. A huge plus that comes with building or extending your home is that a new build is going to be properly insulated. We have built a garden building as an office: we have not extended the central heating. A slimline electric radiator that can come on at […]

Self Build

A dream for many of us. I know I just can’t help it: a house laid out exactly as I want it; no need to renovate (= AMAZING); if you play your cards right zero heating bills – a few logs for the wood burning stove will be all you need… But anyone undertaking this […]

The Wee House Co

What a brilliant idea – a turnkey service to bring you a Wee House – in your garden for relatives maybe? Or on a Lochside plot of land in the Highlands as a holiday home? A dream for many of us, but in this case, utterly reasonably priced and completely seamless. The brainchild of young […]

Edinburgh home

I was very struck by the way this beautiful house, designed by the brilliant David Jamieson of Zone Architects relates to it’s surroundings… The way a house connects to the outside space is so important isn’t it?

Light Fantastic

Another must have in a home is light, an element that is simply never going to go out of fashion… Underused in dreich and dreary Scotland, I am afraid, although we are slowly learning from our know-it-all Scandinavian neighbours! VELUX® windows, a Danish company, of course, are always a stunning addition to any home. Easily […]

Wendy Inkster

Christmas is NOT coming – it is only November, but of course we are having to start thinking about our plans. I sincerely hope things fall into place for everyone, but there might be someone far away who you are thinking of, very fondly, who you cannot be together with? Do they have any connection […]

Graeme Andrew

Learning to love modern scottish architecture shouldn’t be too hard when we have examples such as architect, Graeme Andrew’s home in Kilmalcolm to admire. A seemingly simple solution to actually quite a tricky sloping site in a conservation village. Details such as full height, floor to ceiling internal doors really make the most of the […]

Whisky Galore

Interiors ‘Angel’ Vikki Bruce allowed us to turn her house upside down for a shoot. It was a cold wintery day and we had to pretend it was summer for the June issue! Keen to promote her faultless builders Craigs Eco Construction Ltd who painlessly renovated this farm building in Fife, belonging originally to […]