The sofa

The focal point for the home. Probably the most prominent piece of furniture you will buy, the most important being your bed in terms of the amount of time you spend in it and the affect it can have on your health. Your sofa does not need to be expensive, there are bargains galore on […]

Living room progress

Doing up our own home includes a number of challenges. Firstly our house is quite odd. It is just not ‘off the peg’ in any way. Neither a classic modernist design, nor a period beauty, it is a unique 1970’s house that we love, but feel was never given quite enough thought. The living room […]

The Sofa Question

Over and over again Doug and I see beautiful homes, beautiful spaces, but very often the sofa is not quite right! The sofa dominates the living room and dictates how it feels, it deserves some careful thought. ‘Dated but comfy’ is a common problem, as is ‘not being able to afford the exact sofa you […]

Our old house

Our old house was a lot smaller than our current home – I had no complaints though – we were terribly happy there – because of the minimal square meterage, we could afford to make it exactly as we wanted it, splash out on expensive flooring for the minute hall… ‘Completion’ was not a problem […]