A Day Out in Edinburgh

Living in the countryside and being a total home lover, venturing out is not something I do a lot of. I love village life and walks along the beach and being a writer, I do have to be careful: unless you are actually sitting at your desk for long periods of time, not a lot of writing gets done. But I do try and hit the big city occasionally and when I was asked to write a travel piece entitled ‘a day out in Edinburgh’ I was on the train, not a particularly early train, but a gentle 9:34am arriving at Waverley for 10am. Well in time to meet the fabulous Kate & The Ink for a wee interview. Of course the centre of Edinburgh has plenty of hotels to choose from if you are not local and planning a visit.We met at Brochan a delicious wee hidden gem where they serve porridge/works of art. Very well stoked up I popped into Bo Concept: a wee bit of Scandinavia located in Rose st. I could have spent all day admiring their rugs alone!Next stop was lunch at The Ivy on the Square – was I hungry enough though?? Oh dear, was porridge at Brochan at 11am a bit of a mistake… Anyway, I pressed on heroically, despite feeling really quite full and just spent a wee minute drinking in the incredible decor.I started on the champagne – always good for adding a wee tingle to the tastebuds and well, yes – problem solved – I was ready.

I was  in for a treat – not only did I have the fabulous company of fellow Edinburgh bloggers, that is me and LizNylon above, and JojoFraserMojo and Insta goddess FlamingoFair below, the food was even better than the decor.I started with a fragrant seasonal salad and then went onto the grilled halibut… so perfect and accompanied by the  most delicious wines. We were thoroughly spoiled and the price point was very good considering the quality and the decadence of the surroundings.I  spent the afternoon sampling the best of Edinburgh interiors and dropped in on, for the sake of contrast, both the colourful den-like studio of Ampersand pictured below and the calming, much more minimal sanctuary of Life Storey.Delicious cocktails at TigerLily rounded off my day perfectly. I love the adventurousness of the decor: the twists and turns have a magical, almost Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe vibe. I was delighted to hook up with a few fellow interioristas Bric Interiors, Rene Turner and Gilly Nicholson Bespoke Bedlinen, pictured below, it was a lovely catch up.The fact is you can enjoy this beautiful venue in so many ways: my friend Niki of The Simplicity Concept was running a business masterclass in the library that evening.I have had morning coffee; an exquisite afternoon tea in the past; delicious meals and just  generally rocking evenings, even at my age – imagine how much fun young people are having there??

This was a collaborative post with Hotels.com, the spending money was generously gifted by them, but all views are my own


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