A Mother and Daughter Bonding Opportunity

Wasn’t sure whether to call this post the above, or ‘Skiing whilst approaching the Menopause’ or, ‘Making the Most of Budget Ski Accomodation Interiors’…?


I have just had a wonderful week skiing in the French Alps with my 14 year old daughter. We very sadly left Doug and her brother behind, due to exams on Matthew’s part and went off, just the two of us, to Tignes.


I found booking the holiday pretty stressful: knowing that we could not go on a family skiing holiday, I only decided and plucked up the courage to go with just Eva, at the last minute and last minute skiing holidays in the February half term are few and far between…

I could not decide between a budget offer on a small, very quiet and clean apartment, or an absolutely beautiful apartment, that came in at £750 more…
Decided to book the budget apartment and pocket the £750 for spending money…

Well, Eva and I were slightly tripping over each other in the budget apartment and, we both just wanted to relax in our onesies of an evening – neither of wanted to go out to expensive bars and restaurants and spend £750 on meals and drinks, so not sure whether I made the right decision, but the skiing was absolutely great and that was what we were there for.

Challenging for me though, I soon realised that being an ‘experienced skier’ is a bit like being an ‘experienced car’ – you don’t really get better with age. Being ‘very experienced’, as I am, does not compete with being 14, very light and very athletic, and we had to go at Eva’s pace.

Skiing tips for ladies of a certain age

• Ski gear is hot
• French ski resorts in good weather in full ski gear are hot
• You are hot
• Skiing, unless you are going down a green run with a small child who has never skied before is hot

And as for making the most of budget ski accommodation – bringing your own Jo Malone is not enough, rather you need:

• Binbags
• A travel kettle
• Tea towels
• Dishwasher tablets
• Washing up liquid
• Cloths
• Tea
• Coffee
• Towels
• Chocolates

And probably in reverse order.


We met lovely people who were great fun to ski with and chat to – hope you are reading this Bridget and Alison! We skied with Bridget’s family, who we christened ‘the other family’, I told Bridget about my accommodation dilemma and we came up with the idea of a ski gear update with the excess cash… Eva is convinced that my skis are a bit rusty… Err I am not sure it’s just my skis…

The reps from Crystal were welcoming and charming, would definitely travel with them again. Transfers and timings all perfect despite the half term crowds.


2 thoughts on “A Mother and Daughter Bonding Opportunity

  1. Hi from the other Alison. First chance I’ve had to look up your blog since we came back….catching up on sleep and being busy back at work is all I”ve managed. Just downloaded my photos and really enjoyed reliving the week through them. Half term deals are possible afterall and that has made us all very happy. Have you seen any photos of the area since we came back? Loads more snow fell over weekend. We even had snow driving home and at our house Sunday. Will soon be off again in 4 weeks to Norway for Easter……planned that at New year when we didn’t think a deal was possible. We’ll be skied out this year! Lovely to meet you both. Will keep up with your blog. Alison

    1. So envious of your Norway trip Alison! Half term deals are possible – great success wasn’t it? You keep in touch and we will be copying your Norway adventure sometime x

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