Inspired by Accor Hotels request for bloggers to share their love about their favourite city, of course, I had to choose Budapest. They asked us the 3 things we like the most about it.


1. Thermal Baths

Hungarians bemoan that when they dig for oil, they find hot water… No bad thing if you love swimming and spas. Occupation by the Turks for getting on for a couple of centuries led to the most beautiful baths and swimming pools being built. Bathing is an important routine for Hungarians, winter and summer. The Gellert Hotel houses the most beautiful of them all.

Gellert outside

Gellert showers

2. The Weather

Four seasons in one year and no messing: blazing hot summers, a gorgeous cooler autumn, snowy winters, and a fresh, bright, warm spring. All distinct and enjoyable in their own way, visit whenever you fancy, you know what the weather will be like.

Szechenyi Baths

3. Pavement cafes, coffee and cake

People watching, architecture loving, cake, coffee and cake… there is nowhere better to enjoy these activities than Budapest! So beautiful and less frenetic and commercialised (ie cheaper) than many well known major European cities. You do not feel ripped off in Hungarian cafes, nor do you have that feeling that staff want you to ‘move on’. Coffee and cake is central to their culture, the coffee houses more beautiful than anywhere else in the world – stay as long as you like!

Cafe New York

The Cafe New York was my Dad’s favourite hang out when he was young – popular with all political radicals, they plotted their ill-fated revolution in great comfort… returning here on a regular basis with his British daughter was emotional always for both of us…



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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Budapest definitely is a place to enjoy cakes and spas – though my top pick is the yellow painted Szechenyi Baths, which is pictured on your blog – and who can visit Budapest without stopping off at cafe Gerbeaud? My other top pick is the opera – wonderful plush auditorium and very cheap tickets. Oh yes, and after all those sweets – great dentists.

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