Le Style Savoyard

Things have been a bit quiet at Her Indoors this last week, because we have been on a family skiing holiday.

We went to the French Alps…very, very lovely….the French really do know how to get cosy…this was our favourite cafe for stopping off for Hot Chococlate

I want my living room to be like that….

Cannot resist popping in this, yes I know, very smug photo, by Matthew, of me, Doug and Eva….this was our first day

We were actually, then, blessed with blazing sunshine all week….

On the last day, was determined to do a bit of filming…you know, show off a bit – how brilliant my children are at skiing etc… brag, brag, smug, smug….

Here are the results – just click on ‘ski fun’ below…

ski fun!

Then went on to – again just click on ‘ski fun 2’….

Ski fun2

Oh dear….hmmmm…..I have to say, if everything at Douglas Gibb Photography and Her Indoors does go terribly pear shaped…I do think my family’s future with me supporting them as an action documentary film maker is NOT assured…..


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  1. Skiing looked amazing both upside down and otherwise!! How could Matt possibly question the expertise of the person filming?

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