The Granary

The mains of Taymouth Estate has been in the Menzies family for generations and the current owners, Robin and Irena are working really hard to make it work for the Twenty-first century. They have renovated all the old buildings on the estate into beautiful holiday properties…
The properties vary from small cottages and apartments to spacious converted barns, whichever is right for you, you can be assured of a wonderful welcome. Whether you are looking for a retreat at New Year or a great summer holiday you will find it here, there is a restaurant and quality shopping complex, beautifully designed, in a stunning setting on the edge of Loch Tay. It is a totally unique place.

Anyone feeling in the slightest bit ‘humbug’…or ‘fed up of Christmas already’ will be feeling like George Bailey, the James Stewart character at the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ after seeing ‘Sparky’, the Menzies family’s miniature pony in these pictures…
Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year. Will post some piccies of the Gibb family celebrations, if they are presentable enough…..otherwise I will just start back in the New Year with lots of lovely, fresh, new material. xxx


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