A wee bit of inspiration

Homework for Blogging Your Way this week was to create a ‘Mood Board’…Really could not be bothered / couldn’t see the point….Why? What for?

Then, of course, really enjoyed the whole process! Ha ha! Typical! Found this exercise really gets the creative juices flowing! Completely confirmed my recent realisation of how inspired I am by our local scenery and surroundings….


6 thoughts on “A wee bit of inspiration

  1. Really beautiful mood board, Alison! You did a spectacular job emoting the feel of your blog through this photo. The colors, the flora, the patterns – really perfect.

    I haven’t quite started on my mood board yet. I did start collecting pictures to make a digital one, but I think the 3D boards are so much more expressive.

  2. Was only thinking of doing a digital board, but I really like how you brought the outside in for yours. Very inspiring. You’ve made me think of the project in a different light (was mostly thinking, bleah, before). Thanks very much.

    Ish (byw)

  3. Wow- found your blog through BYW and am so inspired by your mood board.
    I seriously just spent 10 minutes just taking it all in.
    The colors, layout, and vibe are really striking.
    Can’t wait to explore your blog, especiallly the interior photographs!

  4. Hello Alison,

    I can probably say the same. I thought that it was like pre-school… but it’s really amazing how the mood board makes you brainstorm your ideas and how it helps to mix your passions! I LOVE IT!

    I love the colors going around yours 😀

    love, from MyColorfulNest


  5. Hi Alison, this mood board has inspired me to “re-do” mine for the BYW course. Such beautiful feel to it. Looking forward to visiting again soon,
    From Australia,

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