A weekend away

A christmas shoot in Dumfriesshire, the only day the owner could manage was a Saturday, as she worked full time…Gosh we had better book a night away!

I had met Cassie Bouverie already, as she lives in North Berwick and was fascinated by her business Private House Stays, where she and her husband have selected beautiful homes, throughout Scotland, where you can stay as a paying guest. Forget the old idea of a horrid B&B with grim sheets and flouncy curtains…Cassie and Archie are very selective, you can be guaranteed a night bursting with style and comfort.

When I checked out their selection for Dumfriesshire, I was tempted by all the properties on offer, but chose the Craigadam. They have a choice of suites: the Creole, the Indian, the Scandinavian…Obviously for contemporary design fiends, like Doug and I, it had to be the Scandinavian and we arrived at this lovely place and were warmly welcomed, but, terribly disappointingly the Scandinavian was not available after all!

WTF!! Has Britt Eckland suddenly arrived?? More likely just other middle aged Wallander fans, methinks. We certainly did not see Britt while we were there, but we did have a wildly comfortable (now, now, it is NOT that kind of blog) night in the lovely ‘Indian room’

Dinner was served to all the guests as a dinner party in the dining room

Our fellow guests were wonderful, a brilliant mix of Americans and Glaswegians, all funny and interesting! The food was absolutely delicious: Baked Pear and Stilton, followed by Pheasant and a Chocolate roulade.

Coffee in the library, and then Billiards – the game of the moment obviously!
We did not strip off, although, even if we had I am not sure anyone would have been that interested in the photos…


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