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Esther Cohen is offering a weekend workshop, 15th/16th September, aimed specifically, but NOT strictly, at teennagers wanting, or needing, to brush up on their drawing skills. So if anyone, in the North Berwick area, has children studying for Standard Grade, GCSE or Higher Art, who could do with a boost to their skills, now is a great time to send them along – honestly – it would set them up for the rest of the year, enabling them to prepare for this surprisingly tough exam, as effectively as possible.

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The workshop is £110 for the two days and, yes, if you wanted to do one day you could, but it would have to be the Saturday as, on the Sunday, they apply the Visual Language exercises that they learn on the Saturday, to a still life set up in the studio, on Sunday.

Anyone doing the course would learn more in 2 days than they would probably learn in taking a whole term of courses elsewhere, that is how good the Visual Language approach is ! 🙂

The workshop runs from 10am to 4.30pm and is therefore very good value.

I think as parents we are very used to shelling out for music lessons…maths, french tutors, but somehow we seem to think that Art is a subject children can just learn themselves…?

As if being able to draw is so easy…then we wonder why so many adults bemoan that they cannot draw…!

I guess it is very comparable to singing – yes there are people who can naturally ‘sing’ – but often they have parents who can sing, who encouraged them to sing, and who were inadvertantly passing on loads of singing tips throughout their childhood…those of us who cannot sing or draw so easily, I assure you – we just need a few tips and pointers…go along, or send your children along, to a workshop at Tantallon Studios near North Berwick

Watch out too for a series of workshops called iPad Art School! The first being on landscape.

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