Happy Easter

Spring has definitely sprung, I was delighted to spend much of Easter Sunday working on my laptop, in my garden. I know that might sound a bit dull to some people, but I am a terrible nerd about my work and it was absolute bliss!

I have just written a feature about injecting seasonal colour into your home for Kettlewell Colours a company that offers a capsule wardrobe in a dazzling array of seasonal colours. I had my colours ‘done’ when I was about 40. I am a summer, and I quickly ditched all my black clothes, once I understood what a deadening effect it had on my skin. I have always been very particular about what I wear, and colour gives me energy. Putting a dress on in the morning in the right shade of pink or blue gives me as much of a boost as that first coffee! I am passionate about colour and it plays a hugely important role in my life.

Injecting colour into your home is such a great way to bring a house to life. You might want to add some of your favourite personal colours, change up your home with the passing seasons, consider your homes own seasonality, or all three.

If you are lucky enough to have a free reign, adding a few notes of your own personal colour palette is a great start. However, if you live with people who have equally strong opinions and differing palettes, everyone needs to feel considered!

Changing the décor with the seasons, is a ‘must do’. It is completely routine in Scandinavian countries, where weather can reach real extremes through the year: just as we have a winter wardrobe and a summer, we should change throws and window treatments as the seasons commence.

I also believe that properties have a season: we all have skin tones and hair colours that vary, flats and houses also have their own unique light and surroundings. 

Our garden studio in our last home

I am convinced that my last house was a ‘spring’: it had a very even light, and was surrounded by sky, whereas my new home feels like a ‘winter’, it is set in woodland, the sun pours into the living room and kitchen on a sunny day, but the rest of the house is quite dark.  

Every house is different and needs to be treated accordingly. I would suggest that you hold back on major colour choices until you have lived in a house for a year. That will give you time to really get to know the light and will give you an idea of colours that might work. A neutral backdrop will ensure that your colour and fabric choices that you do eventually make really sing out, rather than drown in a sea of too many competing tones. 

Once you have got to know a property you can start adding colour and character confidently and you will be able to weave a beautiful tapestry with threads of colour from your wardrobe palette, the season of your home itself and accents from each season as it changes.

A spring home is fresh, contemporary and fun

Colour palette

A white backdrop is perfect for a spring home. Add pops of peach, pale teal and watermelon

Fabric ideas

Stripes and polka dots co-ordinate beautifully with pretty spring pastels.


Get organised with colourful baskets and trays to display favourite items

At the florist

Have fun with tulips, daffodils and daisies, there are infinte varieties and colours to discover!


A Lemon and Peppermint scent diffuser by my friend Laura Thomas makes the perfect finishing touch to a spring interior. 


One of my favourite interior bloggers, Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell, uses a Spring palette perfectly in her London home, you can find her on Instagram @littlebigbell if you are a spring you should pick out colours from her home and pop them in yours pronto!

To be continued – when summer hits, I will offer up some summer decorating tips – watch this space!


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