Happy New Year 2021

Well I have never felt less sentimental at the end of a year, EVER.

I am very blessed that my personal losses were minimal, but of course we still face a lot of uncertainty this year. I have gained as well though: I seriously believe that we deepened our connection as a family and found new strength from living quietly for a while. Our business was seriously dented but we found fresh ways to market and share our services.

Instead of filling my year with shoots and travels as usual, from March onwards I was asked by the government to stay at home and so had to think what else I can offer?

I have been supplying Room Reports for people: a simple service whereby you can send me an email with photos of every side of a room with an indication of your preferred style and budget and I will send you back a detailed report by email, brimful with suggestions as to how to decorate.

Delighted that my reports are popular and I find them fun to do. I love visualising spaces in pen and ink and making, I hope, useful suggestions.

My visualisations are not accurate or even particularly realistic! I just follow the pen with my heart and thoughts and think in colour…

I then go in to detail about hw to achieve the look I suggest with decorating ideas, room arrangements and shopping suggestions.

I was inspired by returning customers to create a course called Creating A Perfect Home For You (#CAPHFY for short) A six week course, where I take you round the whole house and teach you how to do Room Reports yourself.

My next course starts at the end of January. Please get in touch if you would like to take part, send me an email to alisongibb@douglasgibb.co.uk

It costs £125 and consists of six classes by zoom; takeaway notes; useful and creative homework tasks and membership of a friendly Facebook group where you can share ideas and support each other.

The first five participants will get a Room Report included (worth £97). I need to cover a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and hallway. So if you are keen to get a particular room looked at please send an email promptly to alisongibb@douglasgibb.co.uk

Queuing outside supermarkets and shops, not being able to go on holiday are things I will NOT miss, but I learnt to make sourdough bread, rediscovered reading and deepened my love of walking, quality TV dramas, movies and eating.

The opportunity to broaden our business and the time to enjoy my passions made me decide to do a bit of a rebrand. I am calling my business Alison Gibb Interior Styling and Writing from now on.

I have loved being Her Indoors and more recently the Great Scottish Indoors, but I feel my work has changed and I want to clarify what I do and talk about it more directly. So, over the next few weeks I will update my website and all my social media channels.

Watch this space!


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