Helen Lyon

Have you ever dreamt of running away, hiding in the far north of the Highlands…..?

That is exactly what Scott and Helen Lyon did…However, far from burying themselves away, never to be seen again, they got absolutely stuck in, building themselves a beautiful, beautiful house…overlooking the sea….involving themselves totally in the local community…They are both keen curlers and the moment they moved up, from their family home in the outskirts of Chester, they had one of the harshest winters on record – all the lochs were frozen – Helen and Scott were never in! And they certainly were seen again, by the endless stream of visitors….arriving from Chester, who will be really missing this lively, fun couple!
Helen is an interior designer with a flourishing practice up there now. Taking her inspiration from the stunning scenery she is surrounded by: sea blues and greys from the biggest skies you can imagine, pebbles and stones, sand and bracken, heather and golden sunsets….it is all there…inside and outside her lovely home…..

Sbrinz, Scott and helen’s beautiful Bernese Mountain dog., asleep on the porch

The entrance hall
You are greeted by the stunning driftwood lamp and mirror, turn around to the beautiful soft curved staircase, lined with the ‘Thistle’ wallpaper by Timourous Beasties

The generous, open living area.

….open to the cockpit – centre of operations….complete with a compass and a mesmerising view to the Lyon’s private beach…coffee and the Sunday papers…inside or out?

Helen’s ‘Horny chair’ in the corner of the dining area….

The living area is also open to the kitchen at the other end…

…..behind this generous island unit, beside those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows…

Who wouldn’t want an Aubergine Aga??

Interestingly the Lyon’s architects were Anta….www.anta.co.uk

The kitchen is by a local craftsman Gavin Robertson. Gavin is known as the ‘Linley of the Highlands’.



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