Helen Mulloy Reid

Meeting amazing people is routine for us, to be honest, but they don’t often come as amazing as Helen Mulloy Reid, a florist originally, but recently re-trained as a beautician. She lives in Bath now, but this was her home in North Berwick.

living room…with beautiful sea views….

Helen’s skills as a florist are in abundant evidence…

kitchen – fully unfitted…!



crates and candles….shabby chic to a tee…Helen could have invented the words…she is such a brilliant example!



3 thoughts on “Helen Mulloy Reid

  1. Thank you so much Helen, I have to say Wild Thyme’s revival is an absolute gift to the people of Bath – great news….I look forward to being able to post about it many times in the future!
    Very best wishes,

  2. Alison…ideally I would focus on the more chic side to me than the shabby or perhaps gloriously
    understated being my ideal style in terms of dress and interiors! Your blog idea is fab and look forward to the latest postings.
    Love to all in North Berwick which was an ideal environment to enjoy family life in. I treasure my
    memories of walking barefooted along the beach to work, rinsing the sand off my feet in the sea
    before cutting across the golf course to head into work. I miss the sea breeze to blow my troubles
    away. Seaside picnic moments are with me forever too. Do check out what the current owners
    of Harbour Lodge have done to ‘my house’ – they have taken it on, stamped their style on the place
    and made it their own in a more contemporary fashion. Replacing my beloved children with some
    wonderful works of modern art.

    If your down this way do come and take a peek at my Bath pad.

    Thanks for the amazing tag am being teased by my boys over it!

    Helen x

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