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Returning from my trip to London Design Festival I really had to hit the ground running – strange how when you are away no-one else seems to do your work for you?

So I was very grateful to the lovely people at Hello Fresh for sending me a large box of food on my return.

To be precise the box contained the ingredients and beautifully illustrated recipe cards for three delicious meals.

Our week is busy with various activities so often we are eating on the hoof, but we do sit down as a family, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so I was very grateful for these ‘ready meals with a twist’ (the twist being that I had to cook them!)

Our children enjoying a meal I don’t think I would have normally bothered attempting on a Wednesday night.

Do excuse the Blackberry – have since introduced a ‘no texting at the table’ rule…long overdue!

I enjoyed Hello Fresh – it saved me a couple of trips to the shops and gave my cooking a bit of a Kick up the A***.

You don’t have to have a delivery every week…every other week might be enough or even just occasionally for a wee change and some ideas.



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