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I am Alison Gibb, a feature writer and stylist. My husband, Douglas Gibb, is a photographer, and together, we create features for interiors magazines.

We act as ‘scouts’, actively looking for good stories. They could be anywhere – we do travel, but we live in Scotland, so that is where we create most of our work. If you feel your own home might be of interest, please, please send us snaps, we would love to see it. We are genuinely passionate about architecture and interior design. There is a contact button on the front page.

We live in a beautiful village, just outside Edinburgh, beside the seaside, called Gullane. A stunning part of the world, so we are never short of stories.

I am thrilled to announce that I am also officially a travel correspondent for the Sunday Post PS Magazine supplement now.

If you would like me to visit your hotel or holiday property and write about it, either for the Sunday Post or on here, the Great Scottish Indoors, I would be delighted to discuss.

I can show you our house….bits of it at least, we are yet to complete and shoot the whole place, but we have made a start…

This is our living room, the beautiful glass topped driftwood table was made by by Doug. He and our kids dragged the driftwood up from Aberlady bay….let it dry out and then produced this. The pieces are all invisibly doweled together…He found the mantelpiece on Gullane Beach.

Our kitchen…. inspired by the idea of a beach cafe…

The latest addition to our home is our garden office. Quite an effort – first of all deciding to build it at all, then actually building it…taking photographs of it just about finished us off, I am not sure which bit was the most difficult? Probably the deciding bit, if I am honest – that went on for years!

But I have to say that it has been a total success in the end, we are both absolutely delighted. Last but not least, is our garden – a labour of love and war if I am honest. I know for most people gardening is a very relaxing activity – not for us!

We both have very strong ideas and it can be very, very hard for us to agree, when it comes to the garden. If anyone wants to feel better about their own marriage, come and hang about outside our gate on a hot summers day. Our basic problem is that Doug wants everything to be monochrome and I like purple. Read the full story here!


15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Alison

    Love your blog…..the layout, content and your writing/putting-together style.

    Sorry it’s taken me an age to ‘hook up’….

    Best of luck – you deserve success


  2. Hi Alison
    Murray put me onto your blog and I think it’s just brilliant. Well done! Hugely inspiring and entertaining and I hope it goes from strength to strength. I am planning to start a blog too and may call on you for some brain pucking…..

  3. Hello Alison. I love your blog, beautiful interiors. I wonder if we have met before, many years ago? Did you work as an Art teacher in Cleveden Secondary in Glasgow, do you remember me? I was a student Art teacher while you worked there. I did a degree in jewellery at Edinburgh college of Art at the same time as your friend Anna Gordon. Were you Alison Matte back then? Let me know if you remember me.
    Your blog and images are beautiful. Nice to see you doing so well. Lorna.

  4. Hi Alison, I found your page when I was Looking for driftwood tables and mantelpieces. I absolutely love your lounge. We have the same wood burning stove but in black. We are moving to a modern house near the sea and want to put some character into it. I haven’t seen your blog but I will now. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Just love your garden office….it’s amazing. You must have been thrilled when it was finally finished and you could ‘move in’! Your home is lovely…..why have you not featured it? If you’re back in Fife, call in xx

    1. Oh thank you Linda, our home is lovely and we have featured several rooms, but we have not quite managed to pull off the whole house yet though, we will try. Every Christmas we plan to do a Christmas shoot, but a dozen mince pies later and it is January and we never quite get there!

  6. Lovely website, look forward to reading more. And great name. Which website host do you use?? Did you do it yourself or via a web designer? Love your bright images. Well done.

    1. Thank you, the website is created on WordPress. I am very fortunate to have used the brilliant webste designer called Rosy Naylor. My husband is a professional photographer so I am glad you like his ‘bright’ images!!

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