Kirkudbright and Beautiful

Sorry…couldn’t resist that!

Anyway, obviously, after our lovely shoot, dinner and night at the Craigadam Hotel, we did a bit of sightseeing. We were blown away by Kirkudbright…so beautiful…the Artists Town…

The centre of the town is a ridiculously picturesque harbour…but what got me and I really was bitten here, was the incredibly intensive ‘Kerb-gardening’ that the local residents, almost, without exception, seem to go in for. (Is that a real expression ‘Kerb gardening’ or did I just make that up??)

This is a Pavement in Kirkudbright…a Pavement??

Anyway…once I had got used to the pavements, I started noticing the vennels

And another

Some of the treasure to be found at the end of a vennel!

I was so excited I actually put my card through someone’s door, saying ‘please get in touch’. If they are reading this, please do, I am not mad…just enthusiastic…

Here I am – in a vennel – see – I am completely normal – just very happy…


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