Loch Ness

Well, he did it! Finding a thick and heavy mist when we arrived at 8:30am was a bit worrying…

Oh dear!

The low point being ‘realising that the rescue boat was called DELIVERANCE

However, things did improve…shafts of sunlight soon started poking through and the day cheered up no end.

Hundreds of pink hats helped hugely…you will notice that there are one or two people who ‘have not bothered with wetsuits’ – definitely the cool ones – in every sense of the word!

And they’re off!

Could not help but notice how incredibly ‘Des Res’ the shores of Loch Ness are…to be explored soon I am sure…

A traditional ‘medal biting finish’ – 1 mile in half an hour…!

The rest of the day was idyllically whiled away in blazing sunshine enjoying the BBQ the event organisers provided and drinks from the Dores Inn…I mean ‘How brave! What hardship…and all for charity!’

Any additional sponsors would be very gratefully received



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