Protecting your home…

Once you have really got your home how you want it, having renovated or extended it, do not forget to make sure that it is insured, for a realistic amount. Obvious, I know, but it is very easy to slip out of date with these things…Have a quick look: is your premium good value? Is the insured amount what it should be…

Yes, ha, ha, I bet you are wondering whether we actually need to insure our driftwood mantelpiece, that Doug found on the beach and our home made coffee table??! We feel these are priceless ‘Objets d’Art actually!!

Fed up with sky high premiums that mysteriously, seemed to be going up every year, Doug sat down about a year ago, and shopped around for a more reasonable quote…the best he came up with was for home insurance from Churchill – about half what we were paying at the time – much better.

I go to a local business breakfast club, once a fortnight…I know, I know, it sounds dreadful, but it is really good fun actually and one of the guys there sells home insurance and he offered everyone a complimentary £50 M&S voucher if he could beat their current quote. Desperate for a little spending spree I happily offered him the oppurtunity to have a go…after weeks, he came up with a quote by an unknown company that was a few quid less, but with a higher excess…what an anti-climax…Food for thought though, we should all be doing this regularly!


2 thoughts on “Protecting your home…

  1. Hi Alison, I just fell in love with your living room and can completely understand why you need to insure your beautiful driftwood pieces. I think it’s so unique and a thing you can’t by with money. Absolutely great! 🙂

  2. Thank you Jasmin, Doug took this picture because a local newspaper is doing a piece about my blog and our home…ok…it’s not Newsweek – but it’s a start!

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