Storage – a minefield!

As you know we are thinking about moving and having a change – nothing to report as yet, but it will almost certainly be a downsize. Exciting, but the one thing that is worrying me though is where will we put all our stuff??

Yes, I know we can chuck a lot out, but what about our ski boots? Old art works?? It is going to be a military exercise if I am honest. It got me thinking about storage and the many different solutions. Obviously many houses have an attic, but what about flats? How do people cope without a garage? Realise I am sounding very ‘Princess and the Pea’ – it is largely about mindset and possibly a little bit about having a large shed I think.

We have lived in a flat before and our last house, which was tiny, did not have a garage. We turned it into our office, above, and had to rationalise our storage at the same time. It was a really healthy process. I have a file in my brain called ‘next house’, I need to create a physical one as well, or at least a virtual one, and it needs ‘storage ideas!

Love, love love this wall of storage, above, in a home designed by architect, Craig Amy. At first glance, I honestly thought it was an expanse of gorgeous bespoke panelling. I complemented Craig on it and he explained that it was a wall of very, very useful Ikea kitchen cabinetry that the family can use to store all their stuff – yes – ski boots, art materials, family photos – you name it there will be a place for it here!!

Thank you Craig – this will solve a lot of problems for Doug and I when we downsize. It suits us perfectly, Douglas and I love contemporary architecture. Our style is coastal and if we do not move too far, hopefully that will not change and Ikea kitchen cabinetry comes in a huge range of colours, styles and textures. You will hopefully now your style from the Interior Design Toolkit!

I know that for many people a wall of laminate kitchen cabinets, even in the kitchen, is just too sterile and not ‘them’. In which case they need to look elsewhere. They might also choose a bespoke solution, such as the one depicted above. There are many local crafts people who will create a beautiful storage solution to your design in your style. This could be pricey of course, as their time is valuable if they are very skilled. Another alternative is to go down the salvaged route, look for old school furniture on eBay – lockers and cabinetry, old office furniture or shop display cabinets.

It might look fabulous in it’s raw state in which case – Bingo – you are ready!

Especially if your style is industrial or Rock ‘n Roll…

Or it might need a little up-cycling. Chalk paint can revive anything: most of us should be handy enough to lay out some newspaper and grab a paint brush. Perfect for those of us with a touch of Boho or rustic style as in the example below –

If however, you want to go a bit further and create a storage solution for your home that is truly unique, please have a quick look at the Expert Touch. Her work is ideal for folk with Luxe or even Hollywood style leanings or if you have a touch of Retro Kitsch and Vintage!

The details are amazing!

Edinburgh based, the owner of Expert Touch, Hazel, works to commission. You might have a piece of furniture that you know has a lot more potential. Here is the cabinet depicted above before Hazel started –

Or you can visit the Expert Touch Facebook page and see if she has anything currently in stock that would be perfect for your home.


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