Throwing parties

Have heard that Pippa Middleton is writing a book about Party Planning….hmmm…I am sure Her Indoors could do a much better job!

Please enjoy and use my personal guide, below:

Every year, in our house, we have a big bonfire party…so I have years of experience…

The best way to plan a party is to start off, weeks in advance, with some worrying: worrying whether or not to have the party at all….. Once you have established that you are going ahead, you can then start worrying about who to invite…. Then, once that is sorted, you can start worrying as to whether anyone will come, then there is the food to worry about, the drink, the glasses…the amount of children there will be running around….the inevitability that someone in the immediate family is bound to be ill…(let’s hope it’s not you!) The fact that your brother is not coming again…(why not?)…the music…

Then, of course the night does actually come round….twenty, thirty or more people arrive exactly when you asked them to arrive (How do they manage this – do they not have hair to do??) and you are still filling the dishwasher….but a kind friend forces you to stop tidying the place and pours you a large glass of wine…another kind friend actually does tidy the place for you and the party starts!

A wonderful time is inevitably had by all…after all they have not done all that worry….I mean ‘preparation’ have they?

Sharing my worries beforehand with my friend Caroline (Queen of Nights out) I said…’Oh well, as long as there’s plenty of wine and a few fireworks I am sure everyone will be perfectly happy’ and she explained to me that, actually, as long as there is plenty of wine….no-one is that bothered about the fireworks……

Hmmm…not sure I really believe that!
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